Ever since our first collaboration, Lazy J and I have been in discussions about making another music video.  J showed me the track he wanted to use as his debut single, No Strings, and I liked it, and when I gave him an idea for the clip we both realised we were on the same page.

Lazy J has an amazingly underrated ability to act, and a knack for comedic acting at that.  We had a great time playing around with some ideas for this clip, and we’re both very happy with the final result:



Well, I’ve completed my music video for a local Sydney rapper named Lazy J.  He auditioned for X Factor in 2010 and 2011, and made it all the way to the final 6 of his category before being dropped both times.  He’s now trying to make it on his own, after having a resounding response from the audience, and I’ve decided to help him on his way:

Follow him on Twitterhere


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