Everything is about the story. 

This is something that Ben has come to learn in over 7 years experience in the Film and Television industry.  In that time, he’s worked on large flagship television shows such as X Factor, The Project, Masterchef, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Big Brother, Beauty and the Geek and more, as well as directing, shooting and editing music videos and promotional material for the likes of Reece Mastin, YMS (Young Men Society), Lazy J, KG and Babushka Ballerina, with a couple of personal short films thrown in on the side.  In his early years, Ben was also a part of the AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) that created the Oscar Nominated short film The Saviour.

The secret to the success of these productions all comes down to one thing – everything is about the story.  Audiences engage in stories.  It’s a fundamental way that the human race has learned to both pass on information and entertain.  In fact, the most successful ways to pass on information is to entertain at the same time – because people are engaged and paying more attention.

In television, Ben quickly rose to the role of producer because of his ability to find, and to tell stories within these productions.

Another trick up Ben’s sleave is his ability to operate a camera (aka, shoot).  Recently, Ben was employed as a Shooting Producer, because of his ability to both spot a story, and then to follow it and cover it with a camera, keeping it engaging and interesting.  With an eye that’s always looking for a dynamic, unique perspective, as well as the most appropriate way to tell a story, Ben’s multidisciplinary skills quickly lead him into the world of music videos, and editing.

Stemming to his days in university, Ben has always had a high aptitude for editing and post production.  He rekindled this burning passion on the music video High School Crush for Lazy J, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Looking forward, Ben has a desire to continue to tell engaging stories, and entertaining audiences worldwide.  With the experience of working on a production worthy of an Oscar Nomination, the standard has been well and truly set in his mind, and he won’t rest until he’s achieved that.

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