YMS – Own The Night (Music Video)

One of the things I loved about working on X Factor was meeting amazing and talented artists that are just primed to be released to the world.  YMS were one of the groups that were finalists in X Factor 2011, and they made it to the half way point before being knocked out.  I was really disappointed to see the guys leave so early, because they’ve got such a professional, ready to go act that I thought they were destined to be a big success on the show.  Not only that, they have some of the best work ethics and attitudes that I’ve seen in any contestant who competed on the show.

So, it was my pleasure to receive a call from them in December, asking if I’d be interested in filming, directing and editing a music video for them.  They’d seen the clip I’d done for Lazy J, and were really impressed.

We rushed through a shoot between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, to have a video ready for release by January 6.  Then, I got a call from Nate (from the group), saying that Sony Music Entertainment had heard the song and seen the clip, and they wanted to pick it up….  SCORE!
So, after a couple months of sorting out the paper work, YMS had their release TODAY!  It’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to the debut single from YMS – We Own The Night.


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