Some friends and I are a part of a filmmaking collective called Dreaming Tree Productions, and our first venture together was a short film called Cargo.  The short film was made for 2013’s Tropfest Short Film Festival, but since screening there, it has gone on to do big things. After being released online, the film…

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A good friend of mine from university and I have long shared a passion and desire to make a film.  For whatever reason, and the nearly 10 years since we left uni, neither of us has done much on that front.  We’ve both been caught up in career and paying the bills.  Mind you, our…

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Recently teamed up with 2011 X Factor winner Reece Mastin to write, direct, shoot and edit a short film for his recent tour – Beautiful Nightmare. Video to come upon completion of his tour!

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NO STRINGS Ever since our first collaboration, Lazy J and I have been in discussions about making another music video.  J showed me the track he wanted to use as his debut single, No Strings, and I liked it, and when I gave him an idea for the clip we both realised we were on…

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I had an email from Grand Jester Entertainment about the prospect of doing a music video for a rapper named KG.  They’d seen the clip that I had produced for YMS and liked it, and their choreographer was friends with Nate from the group, and he’d heard good things about me. KG is a great…

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One of the things I loved about working on X Factor was meeting amazing and talented artists that are just primed to be released to the world.  YMS were one of the groups that were finalists in X Factor 2011, and they made it to the half way point before being knocked out.  I was…

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PARISIAN NYMPH My very talented acting friend Yolanda Ramke, apparently comes from a family full of budding artistic talents.  One of her younger sisters, Sierra Ramke, runs a fashion label and boutique salon, The Babushka Ballerina, which sells unique dresses that have been designed by her. Yolanda and I teamed up to direct a couple…

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